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Accidental Gifts (Hope Falls; Castle Mountain Lodge #8)
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Accidental Gifts (Hope Falls; Castle Mountain Lodge #8)

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Format d'origine:Kindle Edition 101 des pages.
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Mots clés: 2nd moon  Have  Lost interest  Z kw  Elena aitken  S t r  2018 castle mountain lodge  2018 elena aitken 
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La description:
City girl Tess Roger\'s idea of adventure involves putting cream instead of milk in her coffee, so she has no business consulting on a new adventure park. But when her best friend makes her a deal she can’t refuse, posing as a consultant is exactly what she does. Surely she should be able to fake her way through a meeting or two. How hard could it be?Max Grant isn’t blind. It’s easy to see that the super sexy, consultant put on his account doesn’t know a thing about adventure activities. He can see after only five minutes of meeting her in Hope Falls that she isn’t who she says she is. But there’s something about her and when the chance to take her back to Castle Mountain Lodge comes up, he can’t resist the opportunity.Lies have a way of building, and with her feelings for Max growing, Tess can’t keep it up for much longer. But telling the truth could mess everything up including the chance for love.Accidental Gifts is a standalone novella in Melanie Shawn’s Hope Falls Kindle World. It’s connected to Sweet Reunion by Melanie Shawn where you first meet Amanda and Justin with Mountain Ridge Outdoor Adventures. And is also connected to Elena Aitken’s Castle Mountain Lodge Series where you will find many of the characters familiar. It can be read and enjoyed on its own. Castle Mountain Lodge Fall in love at the Lodge! Set in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, Castle Mountain Lodge is the perfect destination for falling in love. In this \'sweet\' romance series all the books can be read as individual stories, but are more completely enjoyed when read in order. Reading order and numbering from author\'s website: http://elenaaitken.com/category/books/?series=castle-mountain-lodge

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